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Build ionic 5 React Application

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If you want to install and start an Ionic app manually from the command line? Please follow the below steps

Install ionic

$ npm install -g @ionic/cli

This is a global level dependency, you can install it via your terminal in Mac, and via command prompt in Windows.

Start to install

Now you can start to install the React ionic app in your root folder

$ ionic start --type=react

Select the name of the react app as I’m select “ionic_5_react”

Enter your application name : ionic_5_React ( As per requirement)

It would be as per your requirement

Select starter template

Select a starter template like blank, list, side menu, tabs, etc

Ionic download dependency based on React environment
Successfully done 100%

Now, change your directory from root to your project directory and run your project using the below commands. (Yogesh is reference directory of own, you choose your project name as you enter during the creation of your app)

$ cd Yogesh
$ ionic serve
Successfully run

It will open the new window in your default browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari etc..)

Its done – Here your React App

Your application successfully run

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